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Mashkin Killed Koshkin

Comrade Koshkin danced around Comrade Mashkin.
Comrade Mashkin followed Comrade Koshkin with his eyes.
Comrade Koshkin insultingly waved his arms and repulsively shook his legs.
Comrade Mashkin put on a frown.
Comrade Koshkin twitched his belly and stamped his right foot.
Comrade Mashkin let out a cry and flung himself at Comrade Koshkin.
Comrade Koshkin tried to run away, but stumbled and was overtaken by Comrade Mashkin.
Comrade Mashkin struck Comrade Koshkin on the head with his fist.
Comrade Koshkin let out a cry and fell to his hands and knees.
Comrade Mashkin put the boot in to Comrade Koshkin under the belly and once more struck him across the skull with his fist.
Comrade Koshkin measured his length on the floor and died.
Mashkin killed Koshkin.