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Makarov and Petersen (subtitled 'No. 3')

MAKAROV: Here, in this book, is written all concerning our desires and their fulfillment. Read this book, and you will understand how empty are our desires. You will also understand how easy it is to fulfill another's desire and how difficult to fulfill one's own desire.
PETERSEN: You didn't half say that solemnly. That's how Indian chiefs speak.
MAKAROV: This is such a book that it must be spoken of in elevated tones. When I so much as think of it I take off my hat.
PETERSEN: Do you wash your hands before you touch it, then?
MAKAROV: Yes, and the hands must be washed.
PETERSEN: You ought to wash your feet, to be on the safe side.
MAKAROV: That was most unwitty and rude.
PETERSEN: But what is this book?
MAKAROV: The name of this book is secret . . .
PETERSEN: Tee-hee-hee!
MAKAROV: This book is called Malghil.
PETERSEN vanishes.
MAKAROV: Good Lord! What's this, then? Petersen!
VOICE OF PETERSEN: What's happened? Makarov! Where are you?
MAKAROV: Where are you? I can't see you.
VOICE OF PETERSEN: And where are you? I can't see you either. What are these spheres?
MAKAROV: What can we do? Petersen, can you hear me?
VOICE OF PETERSEN: I can hear you! But whatever's happened? And what are these spheres?
MAKAROV: Can you move?
VOICE OF PETERSEN: Makarov! Can you see these spheres?
MAKAROV: What spheres?
VOICE OF PETERSEN: Let me go! . . . Let me go! . . . Makarov!
Silence. MAKAROV stands in horror, then grabs the book and opens it.
MAKAROV: (Reads) . . . 'Gradually man loses his form and becomes a sphere. And, once a sphere, man loses all his desires.'